Cloud Backup and Data Protection

DID YOU KNOW? While Google can recover from its own mishaps or disasters, they do nothing to help you recover from yours? It’s up to you to ensure that your business’s critical data is protected!


Spanning Backup

Highest Rated Google Apps Backup Solution

Spanning Backup for Google Apps offers features, usability, price and support that are second to none. It is the only solution to provide full backup, restore, and export for the entire Google Apps suite including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites. Includes unlimited storage and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Why Backup Google Apps?

• You’ve made the move to Google Apps – and the benefits to your business are many. But, with that move to Google Apps comes some real risks. The biggest risk you face is lost data, and the devastating impact that can have on your business.

• Google has full disaster recovery capabilities. That’s recovery from their disasters, not yours.You’re not protected from accidental deletions, botched syncs, malicious acts, file corruption, or other data mayhem.

• One day of lost work can mean 3 to 5 days of lost productivity. When data is deleted or corrupted, you risk losing more than time. The result can be lost customer or employee confidence, even lost revenue.

What Makes Thousands of Customers Turn to Spanning Backup?

Powerful. Easy-to-use. Spanning Backup delivers the features you need to have real insight into your data and full admin control over your backup and restore processes. No worries about running out of storage space. All paid Spanning accounts receive unlimited backup storage.

• Your data is safe, secure and private in Spanning Backup. The app is SSAE 16 compliant, has a 99.9% uptime SLA (service level agreement), and has a top rating on Google Apps Marketplace. Spanning Backup is the most reliable and respected cloud-to-cloud backup solution for IT decision-makers.

Key Features of Spanning Backup

Restore to file & whole account export: Export an entire account or specific pieces of backed up data in standard file formats.

Automated daily and on-demand backups: Know exactly when your data is automatically backed up, and perform additional backups on demand.

Selective backups: Choose the specific labels, document folders, calendars, and contact groups you want to include in your backups.

User settings lock: Prevent user modifications to back up settings.
Metadata backup: Backup and restore your data to its full and original state – including document directory structure, nested folders, site structure, sharing and permissions settings, and more.

Point-in-time restores: Access historical versions of all your data – documents, folders, sites, calendars, contact groups – and restore to any previous known-good state.

Cross-user restore: Restore data from one Google Apps user account into another (admin only).

ACL retention: Retain your access control lists for all restored folders, documents, calendars, and events.

OU-aware license manager: Manage your software licenses at the organizational unit (OU) level, in addition to the individual user level.

Status history: Monitor and resolve backup errors with a detailed, actionable status history, complete with error-correction instructions.

Status update emails: Set email notification preferences – daily, weekly, monthly, never – for receiving automated backup status summaries.

Admin Audit Log: Maintain an immutable, detailed record of all administrator actions — and view it from your admin dashboard.

Email search and filter: Easily find and select emails to be restored by date, label, sender, and subject line.

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Google Vault

Add archiving and e-discovery to Google Apps

For businesses who have yet to invest in compliance and discovery search tools, the risks, time and effort in the event of a lawsuit can be overwhelming for business. Google Vault allows organizations to create a secure and searchable email archive that can instantly recall information when needed. Vault is optional and adds archiving, e-discovery and information governance capabilities for an additional £3.30/user/month

• Retention Policies

Define retention policies that are automatically applied to your email and chat messages.

• Email and Chat Archiving

Your email and chat messages are archived and retained according to your policies, preventing inadvertent deletions.

• E-Discovery

Be prepared for litigation and compliance audits with powerful search tools that help you find and retrieve relevant email and chat messages.

• Legal Hold

Place legal holds on users as needed. Email and chat messages can’t be deleted by users when they’re placed on hold.

• Export

Export specific email and chat messages to standard formats for additional processing and review.

• Audits

Run reports on user activity and actions in the archive. Searches, message views, exports and more are shown.

Common Misconception

By: Andrea Bridges-Smith, Spanning

“We hear from a lot of people out there who are looking for a backup solution who are considering Vault. And we understand why: Vault totally sounds like a backup solution. And Google has a product for everything these days, right? Surely they’d have one for backup.

Vault is not it. Vault will not backup your files. It will not restore your files if they’ve been lost. Here’s a list of what you can do with Vault, from Google’s website:

• Search your domain’s email data
• Place user accounts (and related data) on litigation hold to preserve email data
• Notify users of litigation holds and track acknowledgments
• Manage related searches and litigation holds under a single container, called a matter
• Share matters among authorized users
• Export search results in standard file formats
• Save your search queries
• Set email retention policies for your domain

These are all great things to be able to do, necessary things, important things. And Vault is a great solution to help you do them. But if you need to backup and restore Google Apps on a daily basis, if you need to make sure that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after a minor or major disaster, Vault is not the tool you need.”

Source: Does Google Apps Does Backup?
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