Adoption and Transformation


The Need for Change Management

Many users struggle to adapt to new technologies, and might embrace negativity when they do not understand the new solutions. Therefore it is essential that proper change management practices are in place to ensure users face a hassle-less transition into the new tech environment. Our Experts at Pixsell thus seeks to ensure your users are comfortable enough to leverage your new solutions in succeeding in their goals through the following ways.

How Can We Help Your Users Succeed

• Building User Communication

Change begins at the top. Our pre-migration processes include a rigorous approach towards user communications. We work with tech leaders in articulating the vision, rationale and case for change as well as to drive awareness to users. This builds encouragement and reduces confusion among users and keeps them aware of the impeding changes.


• Increasing Adoption Readiness

We seek to minimize as much downtime and hassle as much as possible, and thus provide the necessary channels for support early should users get affected during the migration, as well as provide communication resources needed to help users better learn and understand the services and impact of change activities.

• Audience Understanding

The key to adoption is to develop an understanding of the users and the business processes. By identifying the different teams’ priorities and concerns towards change, we are thus able to better tailor our adoption plans to minimize the disruption. This thus ensures a more successful deployment, and increases adoption utilization rates.


• Training Plans

Our training plans are made based on professional learning pedagogies, to keep users engaged and to empower them with the new skills and best practices. As every organization is unique, training can be furthered tailored to create the best solution that meets the needs of your team. (E.g. Our trainers are proficient in conducting trainings in English, Chinese, Malay and Tagalog (PHI), given our presence in the 3 countries)

• End-User Training Level 1 (Beginner to Intermediate)

This course is crafted with the aim of giving new users the basic and most necessary product information. It is packed with countless helpful tips, techniques and best practices that users can apply immediately.


• End-User Training Level 2 (Advanced)

This is a session with a difference. It is not just about the features and product usage, but a gold mine of practical and downright useful practises and integration beyond the product scope. Users will learn innovative techniques through a real-world structured syllabus.


• Administration Training Necessities

This course is specially tailored for product administrators. It gives administrators a solid foundation in administrating their domain with the product.

Training Enquiries Consult an Expert!

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