Who Are We?

Today, the world sees an increasing surge in technology that is changing the way people work with one another, customer behaviors and habits as well as organizational roles and structure. Without doubt, this revolution in technology like social media, is ever more important to business and customers today, for it enables us to stay connected to one another, be more productive anytime and anywhere in the world, and can be leveraged as a powerful source of competitive advantage against others.

Established by a team of experienced team of tech consultants and engineers, Pixsell seeks to connect, educate and empower people and organizations with more efficient and innovative use of technology. With our team of consultants and engineers that have been in this tech industry for more than 6 years, accumulating years of experience as well as being certified in various skillets such as Google Apps Migration, Deployment, Implementation and Training etc., the Pixsell team has the technological capability, experience and expertise to deliver the technological needs of small to large enterprises.

What Do We Do?

Accelerating Technology

As one of the leading technology consultancies, Pixsell aims to accelerate transformation by leveraging on technology to empower people and organizations. We want our customers to constantly benefit from it.

Build Around People

Pixsell is always looking to bring great people together in an interconnected global and mobile community. We aim to deliver the best for our talents to deliver results and speed together.

Commitment to Stakeholders

We want to make sure the interests, desires and needs of our various stakeholders are kept in balance. We want to create long-lasting and win-win relationships with our associate partners and customers. We dedicate ourselves to generate capital through revenue growth. We recognize that this is a dynamic process and will uphold integrity in all communications with our stakeholders.

Giving Back to Community

We recognize that Pixsell relies on the support of the larger world community that we serve and in which we live. This support is intricate to Pixsell’s existence and responsibility for global sustainability. We believe in giving back and innovating for the community that has supported us to create a virtuous cycle of prosperity and value creation for all.

Our Vision


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